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FORMgen Lite 3.0
The Following Forms Were Generated Using FORMgen:
Example 1 - Contact Us Form
  • Contact Us - After the user clicks Submit, an HTML email is sent to the webmaster containing the user's message.
Example 2 - A+ Doctor Directory
  • Submit Doctor - This form allows anyone to submit a doctor into the A+ Doctor Directory.
  • Search for Doctor - This form allows anyone to search for a doctor in the A+ Doctor Directory.
  • Directory Control Panel - Use the password "formgen". This form allows an administrator to modify the doctor directory as well as import/export the directory data into/from MS Excel.
Example 3 - All Fields
  • Submit Data - An example form with all the fields that can be generated by FORMgen.
  • Data Control Panel - Use the password "formgen". This example provides an interface to the data captured by the Submit Data form.

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